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  1. vboyz103
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    Well this prolly won’t work if you are syncing over the air with Microsoft Exchange Server. You want to have the item available upon arriving, so changing the schedule to manually that you have to sync it yourself.

    Just a thought.

  2. Alex
    Alex at |

    How about someone who has to use Active Sync for exchange push-email???

  3. Rohit Khurana
    Rohit Khurana at |

    Awesome post yar !
    Bow to Shantz !

  4. JC
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  5. zeer
    zeer at |

    Thanks. ActiveSink==Enemy πŸ™‚

    Do you know how to permanently disable push-mail on WM6? That thing is also been spotted on turning on the screen when it is not needed…

    Will editing the ROM and removing ActiveSync.exe gain that task?

    ps. don’t care for these corporate losers with their Exchange and MS πŸ™‚

  6. abhimanyu
    abhimanyu at |


    please give a clear explanatiion of the procedure..what to be unchecked?what to be given as server address..domain name..?my phone is often trying to connect to gprs..and also showing active sync often in the opened programs…or else tell me which rom to be flashed… iam usin bluerom v3.0 by swiftblade now on my htc touch..please help me iam dying using this phone…

  7. abhimanyu
    abhimanyu at |

    sorry it is not working on my phone…any other things i can do..please help…

  8. abhimanyu
    abhimanyu at |

    i set the server address as fake..checked the box(this server requires an encrypted connection)..user name fake…password fake…domain fake..checked the box (save password)..unchecked everything (contacts calender email tasks)..peak times..every 5 minutes off peak times..every 5 minutes..checked the box(send recieve when i click send) then pressed ok…

    my problem is still the same..iam missing calls and messages..the task mannager often shows active sync..my phone is trying to connect to gprs often…

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  10. Robert
    Robert at |

    Thanks! It worked for me! No more missed calls and no more random ActiveQuirk! πŸ™‚ I appreciate your help!

  11. Robert
    Robert at |

    Actually, everything works better now!

  12. ANDRES
    ANDRES at |

    Hi, I tried and unfortunatelly it didnt work for me. I still have missing calls all the time. I would like to delete this “fake ” configuration and be able to sychronice again but I cant do it. Would you please tell me how to do this?

  13. Andres
    Andres at |

    Hi, thanks for answering my last comment. Unfortunately I can not delete the fake configuration. I have not that option on the phone. It allow me to change configuration as we did but not to delete, so I can actually reconfigurte but I dont know how to get the server adrees and the other things we deleted. Is there anywhere else or anything else I can do?

  14. Andres
    Andres at |

    Hi, I didnt delete anything, all I did exactly as you said. I went to the menu, config, wrote a word on the spaces for server and password and all other spaces that were blank before. My phone works with sprint in US.

  15. Andres
    Andres at |

    Hi, I forgot to tel hat the phone seems to be working better now, although the sync thing appears sometimes without reason. I configurated as manual but well I guess its better now, at least Im having my calls. thnks

  16. Billy
    Billy at |

    Thanks Shantanu Goel! Almost took my HTC Touch back for a different phone. πŸ™‚

  17. Metal
    Metal at |

    Hey Shantanu, It worked! Was almost gonna chuck my Touch..But there is a slight problem. It doesn’t work when it is getting charged! I don’t know how that is related to ActiveSync! πŸ™ Anyways, Thanks a lot!

  18. Neil
    Neil at |

    Great advise Shantanu! I thought it was a hardware issue. In my case, I’m not syncing with a corporate exchange server, i’m syncing with windows live. I sent my sync schedule to “every 15 minutes” instead of “as items arrive”. I’m not 100% confident that this will work. I tried the fake network thing but could not get through all the steps. Can u please provide some thoughts on this or some more detailed steps to walkthrough. Thanks a billion:)

  19. Neil
    Neil at |

    Thanks for the reply πŸ™‚ I got it set up shortly after using a more detailed walktrough that I found by goggling the “fake server trick”. I havent’ heard of any missing missed calls since the changes. However, I notice that activesync still shows up mysteriously in my task manager. Why should I not be using active sync for Over The Air? As far as I know, this is what activesync is designed for, the other kind of sync (through a USB wire to the PC) is known as DesktopSync. Are you refering to the difference between using Wifi and a data network. I am with Bell Canada and I have an unlimited data plan with my touch. I also read somewhere while researching that in Power settings, my device should not be set to turn off after “x” minutes. Can anyone comment if they see a difference between selecting this checkbox because it’s becoming a pain to switch off the display instead of letting it turn itself off (I know I’m lazy).

  20. suspect_zero
    suspect_zero at |

    hi Shantanu Goel
    i thank for the solution of this issue , but iam wondering , my phone is eten x600 i had the problem also , some times miss calls , some times recive calls , and the thing is the active sync does not appear in the task manager its closed , so what do you think about that ??? many regards

  21. suspect_zero
    suspect_zero at |

    hi Shantanu Goel again ,
    i think the problem solved , i follow the steps you mentioned , and i guess it work fine . thanx again for yr time

  22. kookimebux
    kookimebux at |

    Hello. And Bye. πŸ™‚

  23. Lee Hardy
    Lee Hardy at |


    This didnt work for me. Followed instructions precisely (set schedules to manual). Deleted the config after, tried to call myself this morning to test and kept getting voicemail. Killed the activesync task and call got straight through. any help appreciated


  24. Tefarroft
    Tefarroft at |

    very intresting

  25. musicyakker
    musicyakker at |

    Thank you so much, this worked!! I know this original post is almost 2 years old, but I’m so glad that I finally found it. I’d been struggling with my HTC Touch for over a year with this very issue. Now, the phone actually functions. Calls are getting through, text messaging seems to work, and overall, it is faster and much more responsive.

    The only time ActiveSync runs is when I start up my phone in the morning. That’s when I close it, and it never reappears until the next time I restart the phone.

    I’d done many web searches to find a fix for my previously-useless phone. This time, I added “ActiveSync” to the search and found your post. Thanks again.

  26. ew
    ew at |

    Hi Expert

    I have htc p3300 and i have the exact symptom like wot you said…sometimes even in normal mode.. rest everything works awesome…

    However, followed your steps exactly but never worked πŸ™

    Any idea ????

  27. manchas no rosto
    manchas no rosto at |

    I just got a phone with Windows Mobile 6 and had the very same problem.
    Your tip solved it though, so Thanks a lot!
    Have a good day and nice Holidays, Alfred.

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